Stephen Colbert Breaks Into Song, Trevor Noah’s Jaw Drops Over Trump Impeachment Articles – Deadline

Now that House Democrats have unveiled two articles of impeachment against President Donald Trump — one for abuse of power and the other for obstruction of Congress — the late-night comedians have even more material to work with.

CBS Late Show host Stephen Colbert welcomed the news on Tuesday night. In fact, Colbert and his staff were so giddy that they spent the day writing an impeachment jingle.

After reminding the audience that today is “an historic day,” Colbert tossed to a clip of House Intelligence Committee Chair Adam Schiff (D-CA) explaining why Democrats decided to introduce the impeachment articles.

“The evidence of the president’s misconduct is overwhelming and uncontested,” Schiff said before citing the transcript of Trump’s phone call to the Ukraine as evidence. “The president’s own words on July 25th, ‘I would like you to do us a favor though,’ lays so bare his intentions,” Schiff stated.

Colbert’s response — gotcha.  To celebrate, The Late Show staff and the audience belted out a brand new tune, singing: “There’s just one thing that you need to know, Trump said: ‘Do us a favor though.’”

Over on Comedy Central’s The Daily Show, there was no music, just surprise.

“The Democrats have officially announced articles of impeachment to show that other than Steven Seagal, no one is above the law,” host Trevor Noah said as an image from Seagal’s 1988 cop drama Above the Law was shown on screen.

Still, Noah admitted he’s impressed with Trump.

“I didn’t think he would make it three years. I’m not gonna lie,” the comedian quipped. “Trump getting this far into his presidency without being impeached is a lot like when a dog accidentally drives a car into a tree. Yeah the dog crashed, but he made it eight blocks. That’s impressive.”



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