World leaders convene in Jerusalem to remember Holocaust and counter anti-Semitism

International Court of Justice orders Myanmar to prevent genocide against the Rohingya

Mount Vesuvius eruption was so hot it turned one victim’s brain into glass, researchers say

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Assad may have won the Syrian war, but now he’s battling the economy

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Prince Harry makes first public comments on decision to step back from royal duties

Hong Kong police tear gas rally after protesters attack plainclothes agents

Extradition hearing to open for Huawei executive at center of three-nation rift

Lebanon on ‘brink of chaos and anarchy’ as peaceful protests turn violent

Guaidó leaves Venezuela, defying travel ban

Proxy war in Libya deepens as Europe, U.S. prep for talks

With no buyer in sight, Mexican president floats raffling off jet for $25 a pop

In Australia, fires heat up environmental movement

China’s birth rate hits its lowest point in decades. Other nations face same trend.

Blizzard buried cars and homes with more than 12 feet of snow in parts of Newfoundland

‘It’s triggering’: Australian community razed by fire dreads a sequel to its darkest hour

French unions continue strikes despite government’s compromise overture

French unions continue strikes despite government’s compromise overture

Pro-Maduro forces attack opposition lawmakers as they attempt to enter Venezuela’s National Assembly

Russian cabinet resigns after Putin calls for constitutional change that could give him influence after term finishes

China is waging an aggressive propaganda campaign to distort media landscape, report says

Iran’s foreign minister says officials ‘lied’ about downing of Ukrainian plane

Trump threatened tariffs if Europeans didn’t warn Iran on nuclear deal violations

Talks underway for Trump to visit India as impeachment heats up

Royal summit fallout: Meghan didn’t phone in; Boris Johnson ‘confident’ of a solution

European countries trigger dispute mechanism in Iran nuclear deal

Boris Johnson wants Britons to pay $650,000 for Big Ben to bong for Brexit

Firenados, ember attacks and megafires: Australia is seeing sci-fi weather

India’s first-time protesters: Mothers and grandmothers stage weeks-long sit-in against citizenship law

Volcano eruption forces thousands to seek safer ground in the Philippines

Queen agrees to ‘period of transition’ for Harry and Meghan

France to deploy more soldiers to West Africa, where terrorist groups are on the rise

Harry and Meghan plan a future in Canada, long seen as ‘friendly environment’ for the royal family

Ukraine knew Flight 752 had been shot down, but it was careful not to antagonize Iran

Queen to convene face-to-face showdown with princes Harry, William and Charles. Meghan could phone in.

Libya’s warring factions, urged by Putin and Erdogan, enter into fragile cease-fire

In Australia, smoke from wildfires poses a threat to those not in immediate danger from flames

For New Zealand’s Maoris, even touching this sacred tree is taboo. They let scientists climb to help save it.

Taal volcano spews ash; Philippines evacuating residents, watching for tsunami

Taiwan’s President Tsai wins second term with landslide victory over pro-Beijing rival

New analysis about 2010 deadly Indonesia tsunami earthquake may help save lives

Chinese demand is fueling donkey theft and stressing out farmers in Ghana

Girls thought they were in a relationship with a teen boy. It was a woman grooming them for sex.

Iran admits to downing airliner amid calls for justice, transparency

Two American service members killed in Taliban-claimed attack

‘Megafire’ measuring 1.5 million acres forms in Australia as bushfires merge

Eastern Congo killings, rapes may amount to genocide and crimes against humanity, U.N. report finds